Wednesday, June 14, 2006

round two

I got the English AND theatre positions!

Also, totally independently of that, I got a pep in my step about TFA today. We observed classrooms, and I saw a teacher and a group of students with no motivation to work hard and learn. The teacher and many of the students spent a lot of the time in the classroom arguing and talking about unrelated things... And, though I know it will be a challenge, I felt invigorated. I thought, 'These are the real deal. These are real kids, and they really need me. I can't wait to get in here and work with them.' Then we did rehearsals for parts of our lessons, and I was nervous and embarrassed at first, but being there in the moment, I felt like I always do on stage: ready, confident, and engaged.

So I'm utterly excited. It was all that High Talk and Paperwork crap, without any of the Real stuff. The people.

I'm still going to reserve the right to hate the paperwork, though. :)

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